According to The Moscow Times, President Putin spoke with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan via Moscow-Ankara hotline and warned him about the devastative outcomes of Turkish flagrant interference in the ongoing efforts to liberate Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city.

“Russia won’t repeat the same mistakes. If any Turkish soldier enters Iraq’s Mousl, in a tit-for tat move, we shall intervene to liberate the entire Cyprus, overthrow your puppet regime in North Nicosia and your four-decade occupation. You Must withdraw your troops from Cyprus at once. It is totally unacceptable from you to play the dirty game of changing ethnic map of Mosul and export your own political crisis to other countries by derailing military efforts to liberate Mosul,” The Moscow Times cited President Putin as saying.

“You are, Mr. President, openly inciting Turkish Cypriots on a uncompromising and pugnacious line and there are many incidents of Turkish soldiers harassing the local Cypriots, so we deem it quite legitimate to demand Turkey to return the Agia Sophia Cathedral to the Christendom in Constantinople (Istanbul),” President Putin said by referring to ancient Byzantine city of Constantinople which was conquered by Turkish Ottoman Empire in 15th century.

Russia has gained a military foothold in Cyprus after President Vladimir Putin signed a controversial deal with Cyprus last year to dock Russian warships there. Many political experts believe Moscow might use its navy bases to deter Turkish expansionist agenda. Russia and Cyprus have long had historical and ethnic and religious ties.

Defying the Russian threats, Ömer Çelik, the Turkish minister of European Union Affairs said all options are on the table and Ankara would consider annexing northern Cyprus, which is technically EU territory, if talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots fail to reach a deal on reunification of the island.

Turkey has stationed troops in the north since invading in 1974, after a coup in Cyprus orchestrated by a military junta in Athens.

Turkish occupied part of Cyprus is only recognized only by Ankara and its only air link is with Turkey. It is also excluded from international sport, finance and trade, and it has been heavily subsidized by Ankara.
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16 Responses to Putin threatens Turkey that he will liberate the whole of Cyprus

  1. Tina Lawton says:

    About time someone has stood up for Cyprus, it’s a shame the Cypriot government hasn’t done the same, instead off cutting all ties with the Northern side, they keep saying we are showing the world that we are the better people, so they open the boarders allow the Turkish to make money on the South and take it back to the North, they receive benefits from the South, I.e income support, hospital treatments, not paying electricity etc, etc, etc, wake up you spineless idiots, they invaded took our homes, our inheritance,and you killed our families and you want to show them we are the better people? Well what your showing them is that YOUR IDIOTS because that took things by force and now your giving it to them, they are the once that are laughing behind your backs idiots. Can’t you see that, they are toying with you the whole time with famagusta, they say you give us this this and this, and we WILL give you Famagusta!!! but not all of it!!!! Wake up you idiots and STOP saying we are greek because we are NOT, we are Cypriots, so start holding your flag up and NOT the GREEK flag because they don’t want you either, they are using you too.

  2. Nuke Turkey ?we are fed up with their policy and their threat to Europe!!! Long live Putin, the King of the North!!!

  3. Moderate Turkey before me…

  4. Nicole Péruisset-Fache says:

    Except for the fact that Putin only has his own power in view (they are all the same), Turkey has nothing to do in Cyprus except frighten the tourists away.

  5. Andrew Georgiou says:

    Well said Tina Lawton. I cannot agree with you any more…

  6. Vince says:

    what a load of rubbish
    If the greek cypriots didn’t start killing women and children to push the Turkish Cypriot of the island none of this would have happened.
    And what about all the Turkish Cypriot who had land and properties in the south that you all stole nothing said about that

  7. Wendy Mcgarry says:

    Putin is a first class dictator who wants turkey to hand over the northern side , but only for his own gain , then he can bring Cyprus into his stupid wargames , all the other countries need to stand up to him and put him in his place , he is nothing but a bullying murderer who thinks he can get away with bombing inocent civilians …. Rant over ……

  8. Maria Pikrodafnis says:

    Pudin are you kidding us don’t put the hopes up any side because last week you were making deals with akiji

  9. Raphael Ioannou says:

    Tina Lawton wrong I’m Greek first! Saying I’m not further destroys my identity I will not say I’m just Cypriot cause I’m a Greek Cypriot I would rather fly the Greek flag over the Cyprus flag to repress who I am anyday.

  10. Raphael says:

    To represent who I am*

  11. kypreos64 says:

    now the Cyprus government must get off the fence and chose a side. EU or Russia. SInce the eu doesn’t consider Cyprus important, the choice should be very easy.

  12. Ozzie Zuhtu says:

    You Greeks invaded Cyprus killed your own people and declared Cyprus part of Greece then tried to kill Makarios at the same time when you thought the path was clear to get rid of the Turkish population Turkey only then intervened the world knows this as fact so if you think a Russian is going to frighten over 200 million Turks think again too many people in too many countries will get behind Turkey that’s not including NATO Russian borders so many ethnic ottomans so go back to sleep and dream on….

  13. Spiros Papaspyrou says:

    We all need to calm down this is how wars start, look im sure the two sides can come together and agree eventually! Both sides lost people and belongings even i did, so we need to come together and demand a solution!!

  14. John Fitzgerald says:

    In any written discussion where arguments, one way or the other, must be clearly and logically put, good grammar is essential. That means writing in sentences and using correct punctuation. Otherwise any validity will be lost.

  15. . says:

    Turkish military invasion of the island country of Cyprus. It was launched on 20 July 1974

  16. Petros Ioannis Ioannou says:

    200 Millioon Turks? you mean 60 million?

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