Issues concerning legal assistance between Cyprus and Russia were examined during a meeting at the Ministry of Justice.


Justice and Public Order Minister Ionas Nicolaou, Cyprus` Attorney General Petros Clerides and Attorney General of the Russian Federation Chaika Yuri Yakovlevich also discussed how to improve cooperation between the Law Departments of both countries.


Yakovlevich, speaking through an interpreter described as effective and constructive Tuesday`s meeting while Justice Minister Nicolaou said both sides acknowledge the high level of cooperation that exists and respond to a great extent to the issues of legal assistance that are raised by both countries.


The Minister said they decided to set up two associations, one on each side, to handle issues concerning legal assistance in an effort to speed up case investigations. These associations will be able to exchange information.


In his remarks, Yakovlevich, said they discussed issues concerning international legal assistance and how to improve cooperation, as well as setting out mechanisms to improve cooperation.


They also discussed the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Russian Federation Attorney General`s Office and the Ministry of Justice of Cyprus as well as the need to increase the effectiveness of cooperation between the two sides.


He said they reached compromise on some issues and made several proposals as regards the mechanism of investigating various criminal cases where Russian nationals are suspects and tried to find common solutions so that these suspects do not evade responsibility.


He further said he is very satisfied with his visit to Cyprus.


Attorney-General Clerides said that they also discussed issues concerning extradition and legal assistance, adding that “we have found solutions to requests that were pending on both sides”.

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