The City of London Police, working with the City of London Corporation, will be giving away cycle lights instead of tickets (penalty notices) to cyclists without lights on Monday 31October and Tuesday 1 November.

Every year there is a sizable percentage of cyclists who are used to cycling home in sunlight and get caught out after the clocks go back.

The Road Danger Reduction Partnership (City of London Corporation, City Police, London Fire Brigade, GLA and TfL) aims to protect cycle commuters and are supporting this action to give them cycle lights to better help them be seen by other road users.

On the Monday 31 October, the event will be supported by officers and PCSOs between 4.30pm and 6.30pm on the Cycle Super Highway near Blackfriars Bridge.

The City of London Cadet Unit will be handing out lights between 5pm and 9pm on Tuesday 1 November near to the junction of Moorgate and Ropemaker Street.

The City Police have the ability to penalise cyclists who don’t obey the rules of the road. We will continue to do so in November, but are organising this action to promote the need for cyclists being visible during the dark winter months.

Following this two day campaign, cyclists who do receive a ticket for riding without lights at night, can

have it rescinded if they attend a cycling safety lecture as part of Operation Atrium, which are run monthly.

Chief Inspector McKoy said: “Road safety is a key priority for the City of London Police and this is a great initiative that will aide safer travel for cyclists. “As the clocks change and nights draw in, it is imperative that cyclists are seen at night. “I would encourage all cyclists to come along on Monday 31 October and Tuesday 1 November.”

Chris Hayward, Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee at the City of London Corporation said: “The City of London Corporation is working hard to improve the safety of cycle commuters in the Square Mile.

“We want to encourage safe cycling and having working lights on a bicycle at night is both a legal requirement and crucial to safety.

“I hope to see all the City’s cyclists lit up brightly over the coming winter months.”

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