The heroic “NO” with which the people of Greece responded to the fascist aggression, is a monument of honour and a point of reference in humanity’s modern history. The anniversary of 28th October 1940 is one of the symbols of humanity’s struggle against fascism and Nazism. The “NO” of the Greek people in 1940 was the beginning of a glorious period, because it sent out the message to the whole world that Hitler fascism is not invincible. At the same time, it was the first action of the Greek people’s struggle against fascism, which continued and culminated in the National Resistance between the years 1941-1944.
AKEL expresses its admiration for all those who fought and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Greece and the defeat of fascism, among them thousands of Cypriot volunteers too. We humbly pay tribute to the volunteers of AKEL who willingly responded to the call issued by the Party and fought Hitler fascism in Greece, in Europe and North Africa.
Today when fascism is again rearing its head, both in Cyprus and across Europe, the messages of the heroic period of 1940 assume an even greater relevance. Those who are attempting to turn fascism into “another point of view in democracy”, are inexorably leading to the pardoning of fascism and the crimes it committed. AKEL rejects these unhistorical and dangerous approaches.
On the occasion of Greece’s national anniversary of 28th October. AKEL salutes the volunteer fighters of the Second World War and the fighters of all our people’s democratic and anti-fascist struggles. AKEL also addresses a warm greetings to the Greek people, who is suffering very harshly and wishes that through its struggles it will overcome the current difficult situation and take again the path of prosperity and progress.

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