The General Secretary of AKEL Andros Kyprianou got the strong impression that nothing has changed with regards Russia’s stance towards the Cyprus problem during his meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Sergey Lavrov.

Speaking about yesterday’s meeting with Mr. Lavrov on the morning program of “ASTRA” radio, the General Secretary of AKEL stressed that his interlocutor stressed that Moscow insists on the position that the solution of the Cyprus problem must be the result of the free will of the Cypriots and that there shouldn’t be any guarantees, nor timetables and arbitrations.

He added that Mr. Lavrov also expressed his country’s readiness, if requested, to contribute in one or any another way to the efforts to solve the Cyprus problem

Called upon to say whether Moscow commented on Mr. Akinci’s presence at the energy conference as a leader of a state. Mr. Kyprianou pointed out that according to his information the Russian delegation in Istanbul was very annoyed since it hadn’t been informed about the presence of two entities at the conference, namely Kosovo and the so-called “TRNC” at the conference.

Meanwhile, the developments surrounding the Cyprus problem within the framework of the intensive phase of the talks will be at the centre of the contacts that the AKEL delegation, headed by the General Secretary of AKEL will hold during its three day stay in Athens.

At 14:00 p.m a meeting is scheduled to take place with the President of the Greek Parliament Nikos Voutsis.

At 15:00 p.m there will be a meeting with the Head of the “River” party Stavros Theodorakis.

At 16:00 p.m a meeting will take place with the President of PASOK Fotini Genimata and the Head of PASOK’s Foreign Policy Office Andreas Loverdos.

The AKEL delegation’s contacts with Greek political parties will continue tomorrow, as well a meeting with the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras Greece scheduled for Friday.


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