Examination of the issue of property rights of enclaved Greek Cypriots and their heirs was pushed to June 2017, following a decision by the Council of Europe`s Committee of Ministers.

The body, which convened between September 20-22, in Strasbourg, deplored once again the absence of progress on the part of Turkey, in paying damages to applicants in the “Varnava” and “Xenides-Arestis” group of cases, and has called on Turkey to comply with its obligation.

The first case is part of the 2001 decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the “Cyprus v. Turkey” case, and concerns property rights of Greek Cypriots residing in the Turkish-occupied norther part of Cyprus. The deputies who make up the body also supervised the execution of the court`s ruling in relation to the “Varnava” case, on missing persons, as well as with regards to the 33 cases constituting the “Xenides-Arestis” group, in relation to properties in the occupied part of Cyprus.

Progress in paying damages in the last two issues is reviewed together by the Committee of Ministers. The deputies once again deplored the absence of progress and exhorted Turkey to comply without further delay. It is indicative, however, that “no information has been received from the Turkish authorities”, as the Comittee`s Secretariat notes. Deputies have agreed to resume consideration of this issue in their next meeting, in December.

In all decisions concerning Cyprus, the Committee of Ministers has underlined Turkey`s unconditional obligation to pay the just satisfaction awarded by the court.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.

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