Yiannoulla Yianni

Yiannoulla Yianni lived on the first and second floors of a four-storey house in Belsize Road, Hampstead, with her Greek-Cypriot parents George and Ellie, then both aged in their 50s, two brothers Erenaious (known as Rick), 21, and Petros (known as Peter), 15, and a sister, Maria, 20.

Yiannoulla, 17, known to her family as Lucy after the actress Lucille Ball for her bubbly personality, had attended Quintin Kynaston School on Marlborough Hill, St John’s Wood, a few minutes walk from her home. Her close friends had a nickname for her – ‘Noodles’.

Yiannoulla had sat her O-Levels at the end of the Fifth Form (Year 11). She had done well in Greek but not so well in other subjects. She had re-sat papers in English, Maths and Economics and was waiting for her results when she was murdered.

She was due to start at Kilburn Polytechnic from September 1982 but had been hoping to gain a place on a college course and maybe follow Maria into banking.

Until March 1982 she’d had a Saturday job at Woolworths on Finchley Road, NW8.

In her spare time she liked to read and watch television but socialised with her family in keeping with a lifestyle that was strict for that time in London. She enjoyed family parties and used to attend Greek dancing classes with Maria and Peter in Camden.

She was very interested in beauty and she and Maria liked doing their hair together. The family upheld traditional Greek values and were very loving and close.

Yiannoulla’s father died in 1988 of a brain tumour without seeing his daughter’s killer brought to justice. He is buried next to his daughter at a cemetery in north London.

While alive he never gave up hope the murderer would be found, writing to Scotland Yard and the Prime Minister imploring the investigation should never be closed.

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