Looking for exercise that’s easy to follow and packed with lots of kefi? Then grab your friends and head down to St Andrews Hall in Southgate every Tuesday at 8.15pm and work out Greek style!

Founded by Greek-Australian Kathy in Sydney just over a year ago, OPA-cize is the first structured, 100 percent, pure Greek Dance Fitness workout of its kind in the world.

This exciting new fitness class includes Greek dance movements mixed in with aerobics to the latest Greek music sounds. It is choreographed very simply so you can pick up the moves easily and enjoy dancing with the instructor who has chosen music we all know and love. You will have so much fun that time will just fly by, you won’t realise you are working out! Hardcore fitness moves have been added into all routines so not only will you party hard and enjoy the dance, but you will work hard, tone up and burn lots of calories!

Marianna Neofitou is the first to bring this energetic class to the UK along with being the UK Ambassador. She was introduced to OPA-cize after her sister who lives in Sydney, attended the classes out there and loved it so much she recommended Marianna bring it to London and put her in contact with the founder Kathy.

The classes in Southgate have been running since October 2015 and have grown in popularity with lots of interest. It helps people build new friendships whilst promoting health and wellbeing. Earlier this week, the Australian HQ team and founder were over for a master class and there was ‘trella’ on the dancefloor!

Marianna now also plans to spread the infectious workout to South London – “First with a one off master class and if response is good, I will look into doing classes there more frequently,” she told me.

Some might ask where Marianna gets the energy from. As a professional dancer, she’s used to exerting herself on a daily basis but “standing up there seeing all the happy faces every week gives me the energy to go crazy – I give what I get!” she added.

To become a part of this global fitness craze, all you have to do in turn up on the night, no pre-booking needed! Class duration is between 45 minutes – 1 hour and costs £10.

All further details including where you can purchase merchandise are available on www.opa-cize.com, Facebook: opa-cize greek dance fitness and Twitter: Opamarianna or call Marianna on

07803 844 015.

See you all on the dance floor – OPA!



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