Colak says that they must prevent Turkey’s report from allegedly becoming worse on the Cyprus problem

Under the title “We must prevent the report from becoming worse”, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (10.03.16) reports thatEmine Colak, self-styled foreign minister of the breakaway regime in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus, has alleged that the changes which the European Parliament (EP) demands in Turkey’s report on the Cyprus problem are worrying and added that they have conveyed to “the persons concerned” their view that the wording to be used should protect and support the ongoing negotiations in the island.

In statements at a lunch with Turkish Cypriot journalists in Strasbourg where she held contacts with both EP and Council of Europe officials upon an invitation by the EP’s office in Cyprus, Colak argued that “those who brought these proposals and the side which supports them are dominant and influential” and added that in spite of the fact that a chapter on the guarantees exists in the negotiations, the draft-report provides for the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation army from Cyprus.

She alleged: “Taking out this expression could be evaluated as optimism, but it could not be included in the report. The actual issue for us is to prevent the report from becoming worse than it is now and minimize to the possible extent the factors which will both spoil the existing good climate and the outside factors”.

Evaluating her meetings, Colak said: “The persons we had contacts with are interested on the Cyprus problem and ask the details of the process and how we predict the next stages. They listen to our stance as Turkish Cypriots. And the most important thing is perhaps that they ask how they could support us”.

Colak said that within the framework of her contacts she met with Johannes Hahn, Commissioner Responsible for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Gabriella Battaini – Dragoni, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Gianni Pittella, President of EP’s Friends of Turkey and Socialist Group, Rebecca Harms, Co-president of the Greens’ Group and Kati Piri, EP’s Reporter on Turkey.

Evaluating the EP’s draft-report on Turkey, Colak said that they asked from their interlocutors the report to be written with a perception that appreciates and encourages the existing situation on the island instead of remaining the same as two years ago.

Referring to the points which the Turkish side wants to change in the report, Colak argued: “Reference is made to the 10th Protocol in the draft report. This protocol included some measures to the Cyprus’ accession in case of a non-solution in 2004. We shared our view that while reference is made to something aimed at the solution and the future, there will be no use of talking about the 10th protocol and it would be better if this was not included in the report. We made a call on every official we met that we should at all events protect and support the process”.

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