Perdikis and Kanatli denounce Turkey’s plans to build a nuclear station

Nuclear power is not the answer to our energy needs the Cyprus Green Party and the Turkish Cypriot party New Cyprus said during a press conference on Saturday, denouncing plans by Turkey to build a nuclear station near Akkuyu, opposite Cyprus` northern coast.

According to a press release President of the Green Party of Cyprus Giorgos Perdikis and Secretary General of New Cyprus party Murat Kanatli warned at the press conference that radiation from the normal operation of a nuclear plant as well as any serious leak as a result of an accident will demolish the quality of life of the nearby living beings, including humans.

They said humanity has no other choice but the turn to renewable energy sources. “Decreasing the consumption of energy in connection with the advantage of solar energy, which is plenty and harmless, together with the use of alternative energy sources, is the only safe and certain method to cover our energy needs. The answer to us is not nuclear energy” the stressed.

Moreover the Cyprus Green Party and the New Cyprus Party, along with the Green Party of Turkey and the Green Party of Greece said that “we will fight against the construction of a nuclear power plant in Akkuyu, opposite Cyprus” and called on “all anti-nuclear activists from Cyprus, Turkey and Greece to a common struggle against this ecological crime imposed by the Turkish government”.

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