The new book from London-born Greek Cypriot author Angelo Marcos is a thrilling collection of twisted crime stories, all focusing on the darker side of human nature.

The Walk comprises five separate short stories which all explore what happens when people give in to their darkest impulses. From the captain of a party boat in the Caribbean, to a man’s life-changing journey through London, the book shows how far some people with go to get what they want. The stories are well-paced and expertly written, with just the right amount of tension and excitement running throughout.

This is the third book from Angelo Marcos, whose explosive debut ‘The Artist’ was released in 2012, followed up by his second novel ‘Sleep No More’ in 2013.

Angelo has performed stand-up comedy all over the UK and acted both onstage and in short films. He also co-wrote the musical ‘Love and Marriage’ which was performed at the Edinburgh Festival. He has degrees in both law and psychology, and used his considerable knowledge of how the mind works to create his characters.

He said: “After writing two full-length novels which focused on only one or two themes, I wanted to explore a larger variety of ideas, and thought that a short story collection would be the best way to do this.

“I really liked the idea of creating stories where the characters don’t necessarily operate within the ‘traditional’ roles that they’re supposed to. Some of it does get quite dark, but then I suppose the point was to explore that more sinister side of things”

Angelo’s new book The Walk – as well as his novels Sleep No More and The Artist – are available from Amazon, and you can find more information at

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