An ambitious young Greek Cypriot entrepreneur is confident the new invention he and his business partner are promoting will one day be a standard safety feature on all beaches around the world.
Kyriakos Savvides, 27, who along with 33-year-old Turkish Cypriot Tolay Celebi, was recently handed an award by easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou for ‘Safey’, their patented beach safety box, has little doubt in the product’s success as it provides an easy solution to an age-old problem.
“This is really how Safey came about,” said Savvides. “We were faced with the challenge of deciding where to store valuables while enjoying a day at the beach when the idea for a lockable safety box was born”.
He explained that Safey is attached to an umbrella or other permanent fixture and is locked by a key that is carried around in a patent granted key holder whilst swimming or being active. The sturdy box is spacious enough to fit a few wallets, phones, a tablet and other beach accessory essentials. It’s also waterproof so that it can withstand rain and sea salt and can be attached on any type of umbrella no matter how big or wide.
According to Savvides, the product is quickly becoming popular with businesses because of its dual functionality as a practical, easy-to-use safe and as an effective advertising tool.
“This is a hugely appealing feature as it can be fully customised in any colour and with any branding message you like to provide advertising opportunities for you or your sponsor.”
Safey is already on beaches in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Hawaii, while the enthusiastic entrepreneurs predict that after a heavy marketing campaign and positive word of mouth, it will be making waves in Europe and America next year.
Savvides, who has a background in technology and engineering, is also working with his partner on another version of Safey – one with a power charger that taps into clean solar energy.
“This one includes a flexible plug and play solar panel that is attached on top of the beach umbrella. Wiring passes through the umbrella as well as directly through the safety box and charges electronic devices such as tablet and Android or Apple phones,” said Savvvides, adding that another version with an attachable cup holder is also in the works. Commenting on the challenges young entrepreneurs in Cyprus face at present, Savvides said any new product or business idea must be created with the view of expanding abroad.
“We started our company during the economic crisis and the journey has been long and tough. However, we are now luckily in a position that we have something to show for all our hard work.”
When Cyprus’ economy experienced a near collapse last year, it also ignited an entrepreneurial spark that has been pushing many to start their own businesses.
“Despite the small size of Cyprus there is no shortage of talented people with ambitious and potentially very successful business ideas,” said Savvides.
“Cyprus is a great base for any business but raising the capital to fund expansion plans that will take the idea outside of the island is essential.”
Savvides and Celebi form one of 10 bi-communal business partnerships that received the Stelios Haji-Ioannou Award for Business Cooperation in Cyprus earlier this month.
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